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Newtone Strings and our ‘exclusive’ use of Round cores?

I am sometimes asked with  amazement, “I thought you only used Round cores??” This is a misconception that has come about over the years. When Newtone was founded, we made all strings on Hex core, as with most manufacturers, but then slowly discovered the advantages of Round cores. Our Master Class range became very popular […]

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Shop under construction!

Please be patient while we update our shop. Thank you!

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The recommended way to string a guitar/bass

We made a video to show the best way to string your guitar which also includes a guide for slot head machine heads.

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Do not cut Newtone Strings????

One question that is commonly asked is ‘why does it say not to cut your strings before putting them on the guitar?’ This is quite a simple question and answering it gets to the very heart of what we do here at Newtone. Most strings, even some of our own, are made using Hexagonal cores, […]

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