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Acoustic Strings:

Master Class packet80/20 PacketNickel MC Packet





NMC-UL* .009 .011 .016 .024w .032 .042
NMC-EL .010 .012 .018w .026 .036 .046
NMC-L .011 .015 .022w .030 .040 .050
NMC-CL .011 .015 .022w .032 .042 .052
NMC-ML .012 .016 .024w .032 .042 .052
NMC-CU .012 .016 .024w .034 .044 .054
NMC-BG .012 .016 .026w .036 .046 .056
NMC-M .013 .017 .026w .036 .046 .056
* Available with a wound 3rd on request.

The Master Class series are designed for Acoustic guitars and were the original strings to feature Round Cores.

Available as standard in Phosphor Bronze, they are also available in 80/20 Bronze and Nickel.

Baritone gauges are available as follows:

NMC-BL .014 .017 .026w .036 .046 .066
NMC-BM .015 .018 .028w .038 .048 .068
NMC-BH .016 .022w .030 .050 .060 .070

Signature Gauges: (To be tuned a Whole Tone below standard pitch, or lower)

Jon Gomm

.014 .018 .028w .040 .052 .068

"We (me and the Newtone guys) spent a long time trying different tensions and gauges, until I
finally settled on these strings. They are super-heavy, especially for low tunings. I tune my guitar
a tone below concert pitch, and quite often much lower than that. This brings out a warmth and
character completely different to the usual twangy steel-string guitar tone. Or maybe if your
voice has dropped in pitch over time, these strings could be the answer to your prayers! And
because of the heavy gauge and low tension (floppyness) I have never broken one of these strings
on a gig, ever."

Jon's web site

Nick Harper

.013 .017 .024w .040 .054 .066

"These tunings and gauges are low, round and rich and are the perfect marriage for my voice. They give the overall sound a dark, brooding quality whilst still 'singing' and being very playable.
The guitar is tuned to a low 'B' in standard tuning, but because I use banjo pegs there are a few tuning I use. Mostly: AEADEA"

Nick's web site

National packets
NM-ML .013 .017 .026 .036 .046 .056
NM-M .015 .017 .026 .036 .046 .056
NM-H .016 .018 .027 .039 .049 .059

Michael Messer worked with us on designing a series of strings specifically for National Guitars. These strings are designed to have perfect when playing in regular or open tunings.
At first sight, these gauges seem very heavy indeed. By utilising a principle used in the 1920's that having a round central core rather than a more modern Hexagonal equivalent. Greater string life and easier playability can be achieved.
All guitars sound better with heavier strings, the problem is playing them! Michael Messer National guitar strings tune to pitch at lower tension than other guitar strings of the same gauge.
If you are gong to play in high tunings like E or A, it is advisable to use our light gauge set.

Master Class Double Wound Packet
DWMC-L .011 .015 .022 .030 .040 .050
DWMC-ML .012 .016 .024 .032 .042 .052
DWMC-M .012 .016 .024 .034 .044 .054
DWMC-H .013 .017 .026 .036 .046 .056

A Double wrap of Phosphor Bronze over a Round core gives these strings a unique feel and sound. They are warm and mellow without the string squeal of single wrap strings.

Electro-Acoustic Packet
ECS-EL .010 .012 .018w .026 .036 .046
ECS-L .011 .015 .022w .030 .040 .050
ECS-CL .011 .015 .022w .032 .042 .052
ECS-ML .012 .016 .024w .032 .042 .052
ECS-CU .012 .016 .024w .034 .044 .054
ECS-BG .012 .016 .026w .036 .046 .056
ECS-M .013 .017 .026w .036 .046 .056

These Electro Acoustic strings feature a Nickel wound 3rd, whilst the rest of the wound strings are Phosphor Bronze with all being on Round Cores. The advantage of having a Nickel wound 3rd is the improved tonal transition from the Phosphor Bronze to the plain 2nd and 1st strings when strummed. Whilst the Nickel is brighter than Phosphor bronze, it is less so than the plain strings. There for there is a gradual increase in brightness, rather than a jump from the wound to plain strings.

Square Neck Resonator Guitar String Packet
RM-A .015 .018 .028 .038 .048 .058
RM-B .016 .019 .028 .035 .045 .056
RM-C .016 .018 .028 .038 .050 .060
RM-D .017 .019 .028 .036 .046 .056
RM-E .018 .018 .022 .032 .044 .056
RM-F .018 .020 .030 .036 .046 .056

These strings have been made specifically for Resonator guitars. Adapted to suit the tunings used by slide players you will find they have a well balanced tone and tension across the set.

Django Packet
DJS-S .011 .015 .020 .028 .036 .046
DJS-SPC* .011 .015 .020 .028 .036 .046
DJS-L .011 .015 .022 .030 .040 .050
*Silver Plated Copper

These Django strings are designed with the bright jazz sound in mind. Although they were designed with this style of instrument and style of playing in mind, they suit any standard guitar if you are looking for a bright sounding, low tension set. They come as standard with Ball Ends, but Loop ends are available.
Also available in Phosphor Bronze upon request.

There is currently only the one gauge available wound with Silver Plated Copper.

Now also available, Paul Vernon Chester's - Manouche Maestro Django strings.

Manouche Packet

DJS-M .010 .012 .020 .030 .040 .050

“I have used Newtone guitar strings for many years on my gypsy guitars, including a 1939 Selmer. In my considered view they stand out for their superior tone, pitch retention and longevity. Unlike many products on the market today, Newtone strings are handmade and of a consistently high quality. ‘Manouche Maestro’ strings are the solution to the needs of many gypsy jazz guitarists, myself included, who favour a more pliable lighter gauge treble end and a heavier, more resistant bass register. Until now for me, this has often meant combining 10’s with 11’s and hoping for the best. The team at Newtone have come up with the perfect solution with ‘Manouche Maestro’ as this set provides a smooth, graded progression from the lighter gauge treble weight to the heavier gauge bass. I use these outstanding professional strings for all of my work, as they deliver, without fail that distinctive and unique gypsy jazz tone in a perfectly balanced manner. I am proud to be so closely associated with this superior product from Newtone.”
Paul's website

Aloha Packet
Aloha .015 .017 .026 .036 .046 .056

Although the Aloha have the same gauges making up the set as the National Mediums, they are very different. They are still on Round cores, and wrapped with Phosphor Bronze but they have lighter cores specifically designed for 'Slack Key' tunings to avoid damaging the neck of Weissenborn, hollow neck style instruments.

Heritage Packet
NHS-010 .010 .013 .017w .023 .032 .043
15lbs 16lbs 16lbs 15lbs 16lbs 16lbs Total=94 lbs
NHS-011 .011 .015 .019w .026 .036 .047
19lbs 19lbs 19lbs 19lbs 20lbs 19lbs Total=114 lbs
NHS-012 .012 .016 .020w .028 .038 .051
22lbs 22lbs 21lbs 22lbs 22lbs 22lbs Total=131 lbs
NHS-013 .013 .017 .022 .031 .042 .055  
26lbs 25lbs 26lbs 26lbs 26lbs 26lbs Total=155lbs
Now also available for DADGAD tuning:
NHS-DADGAD .013 .017 .020 .027 .036 .059  
20lbs 20lbs 21lbs 20lbs 20lbs 20lbs Total=122lbs

These strings are a completely new range which are designed to have a reduced and virtually equal tension on each string. They are made on Round cores with unique core-to-wrap ratios, so the gauges which match up with some of our standard sets are not the same at all!

There are several advantages of using these strings. Vintage guitars, light braced guitars and people who have problems fretting due to arthritis or tendonitis can use these strings without worrying about twisting or uneven pulling on the bridge. Low tensions also mean ease of fretting.

Gordon Giltrap has given us his first impressions of the strings:
"Anyone who has spent time playing the acoustic guitar will testify to the fact that string gauge and action can make all the difference in the world to how an instrument can respond. I have spent most of my playing life trying to get my guitars to play as easy as possible, and have spent many hours experimenting with different string gauges and coming to the conclusion that it really is a play off between tonality and playability, but at long last here is string that gives the player the best of both worlds.

I have never been a 'muscular' player with the strength that some players are naturally born with, so for me these superb low tension strings are a God send, giving a great sound with a wonderful ease of playing. Enjoy the feel of an electric on your chosen acoustic and experience the difference."