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Jon Gomm live in Blackpool, UK

September 14, 2017, 7:30pm - September 14, 2017, 10:03pm

Jon Gomm is delighted to be returning to his hometown of Blackpool for a concert at The Waterloo.

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Maybe this resonates (pardon the pun) with others out there....

"I have been aware of Newtone strings, but if you will forgive me, I have always thought of them as a “cottage” industry and not really a big name player in the string industry. I say that with no disrespect.

Well, the strings arrived and just from the minimal packaging I could tell that these were made by someone who had put their life’s work in to them. I just felt that they were made by a company that has a lot of passion in their work. A lot to surmise from just opening the package eh?!

They are fabulous strings!

Firstly, I was expecting some intonation problems as I had experienced with other round core strings in the past, but they intonated absolutely spot on with my previous strings in my 335. In fact they were slightly more spot on! Good start!
They sound amazing.
There is an evenness across the strings in output and tone. The bass strings have more definition and clarity and you can hear “bass” rather than a thud! They have made my neck pickup sound so warm and yet so clear. I almost avoided the bass strings on the neck pickup before but now it sounds so good.
I play mainly on the bridge pickup and there is a sibilance around the plain strings, hard to define, but a kind of warm halo. It is as if the treble spike has been removed but the presence has been kept so that they are alive but not shrill. Perhaps not a great way of describing them but loving them anyway!
The evenness between the strings is there but also there is a better relation in tone between the strings…..especially the relationship between the wound D and the unwound G….there doesn’t appear to be a step. It just allows for greater expression.

I never, ever, thought I would be sitting down and writing about guitar strings in such length and excitedness. I am truly delighted with them.

I am going away later this week but on my return I will be purchasing sets of your round and hex core strings for my other guitars. I will try both types and see which I settle on.

I’m glad I bought a set because they are a step up from mass produced strings. They actually have a soul…maybe it’s just your good vibes… but it comes across."
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Jon Gomm at The Parish

September 15, 2017, 8:00pm - September 15, 2017, 11:00pm

The Parish is very happy to announce that the amazing Jon Gomm comes to the venue this September..... Jon Gomm, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire in the UK, is an acoustic singer-songwriter with a revol...

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36"-26" scales, Wengé fingerboard, Padouk neck, 16mm spacing, Ovangkol wings with Zebrawood top and Mahogany accent, Birdseye Maple toneblock, Ceramic Firekeeper humbucker in Padouk shell, Padouk kno...

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We're hitting Leeds tomorrow (and hitting it hard) alongside Pteroglyph, When the Wolf Comes Home, and Final Titan... be there! www.facebook.com/events/420483775003852/

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I have been quiet recently, but it's all for good reason. I spent six days in one of the most beautiful and inspiring places on earth, Turracher Höhe, Austria. Since I've been home, I have rarely put...

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We're proud to support Your Choice, an industry-driven organisation which aims to improve attitudes and behaviours at music events. We want everyone at our shows to feel safe and included and to reme...

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